During our initial conversation, we conduct a brief interview to determine what services are needed. We then send out a more detailed questionnaire to find out about your living space and lifestyle, as well as your shopping and dressing habits. From there, we provide an estimate of the services we plan to provide for you along with an estimation of hours.

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For our initial visit, we work in your closet and assess your clothing, accessories and overall style, determining the pieces that stay, get tailored, and get removed. We then put your closet back together, maximizing space and efficiency, so that you are able to see your clothing more clearly. Most clients find this process very cathartic and therapeutic. At this time, we also collect impeccable clothing for sales in Covet Closette and arrange delivery to clients’ desired donation spots. Finally, your stylist completes a detailed diagnostic, summarizing the consultations and outlining the next steps for personal shopping and overall closet and style improvements.

Personal Shopping

Due to our close relationships with some of the top design houses and specialty stores in the city, FreschStyle brings clients exquisite pieces that others will covet. In addition, we can shop specific needs or more generally to fill in wardrobe gaps, bringing our clients the pieces they need in the comfort of their own home.

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Outfit Pairing

Once we have developed a relationship with the client and have helped organize their closets, we are able to compile a detailed photo biography of their clothes. This allows the stylist to create a custom look-book from which to shop their closets, pairing outfits together for them season after season (additional photos taken of successful shopping additions) and for more specific needs like vacations or special occasions.


Styling is available on an as-needed basis, ranging from everyday looks, to styling for a specific event to packing and outfit pairing for business trips and vacations. Further, your stylist is available to you in the subsequent months via text or email to provide feedback and advice on various looks.

  • Everyday
  • For Events
  • For Vacation


Many pieces of clothing merely need the additional attention to fit to look amazing on the body. We work with some of the best tailors in the city and arrange for them to come to your home (free of charge for the first visit) to execute the proper alterations.

Donate Clothing

We believe it is stylish to give back. If we cannot take your clothes for resale on our ecommerce site, we have a long list of non-profits that will receive your unwanted pieces. We will be happy to arrange pick-up or delivery to these organizations, making the whole process of cleaning out your closets all the more seamless.

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